Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Wellness Visits

Your pet is an individual and because of that the care that your pet receives is not a one size fits all approach, especially your senior pet. To help your aging pet stay healthy and happy for as long as possible, it’s important to keep up on vet visits, diet, nutrition, parasite control, vaccinations and exercise.

The Importance of Senior Pet Wellness Exams

As our furry friends age, their health needs change. Regular exams and early intervention are the keys to your pet’s overall wellness. Many health conditions commonly afflicting older animals—such as arthritis and skin conditions—can be avoided and/or treated with preventative veterinary medicine. If a problem is detected during a wellness exam, then early intervention can reduce treatment costs and improve outcomes for your four-legged friend.

What to Expect

We recommend semi-annual exams for older pets. Important aspects of your senior pet’s health that require frequent assessment and evaluation include diet, weight, muscle strength, joint and bone health, heart function, digestion, and exercise tolerance. Our Senior Wellness Visits include a physical Exam, diagnostic testing, dental and eye screening. We will compare test to previous exams to assess for any changes to your animal’s health and make recommendations so your pet can enjoy the golden years.

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