Pet Emergency Vet
Emergency Veterinary Care

Sick or injured pets that need immediate care can count on us. We accept appointments for urgent care/emergency issues during regularly open hours. Our staff is trained and our hospital is equipped to deal with the most common pet emergencies, including:

  • ingestion of a foreign substance or toxin
  • trauma
  • non-progressing labor
  • seizures
  • lacerations
  • eye injuries
When to See the Vet
Consider bringing your pet in immediately if he/she is experiencing any of the following:
  • difficulty breathing
  • excessive vomiting (especially with blood)
  • bleeding excessively
  • experiencing a seizure or loss of balance
  • visibly in pain or panting heavily
  • eaten/swallowed a foreign object
  • suffered trauma or injury
  • unconsciousness
  • trouble urinating
  • irregular or bloody bowel movements
  • erratic behavior
  • diarrhea for more than 24 hours
  • any other symptoms of concern
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