Pet Well Visits

Pet Wellness Care Visits

Webster Veterinary Clinic places great emphasis on preventative care. As an important member of your family, we want to ensure your pet’s optimum wellness through comprehensive annual exams. No two pets are the same, so we tailor our treatment of pets based on factors such as species, breed, age, and environment. We offer recommendations for prevention, nutrition, and diagnostic workups appropriate for your pet. Nothing is more important to us than your pet’s overall health.

Senior Pet care

To help your aging pet stay healthy and happy for as long as possible, Webster Veterinary Clinic emphasizes a healthy diet and nutrition, parasite control, exercise, and keeping up with vet visits and vaccinations. As our furry friends age, their health needs change. Regular exams and early intervention are key to your pet’s overall wellness. Many health conditions commonly afflicting older animals can be avoided and/or treated with preventative veterinary medicine so our Senior Wellness Visits are comprehensively designed to make sure that your pet can enjoy the golden years.


We believe in a proactive approach to maintaining your pet’s health. Based upon your pet’s lifestyle, age and medical history, we will determine a vaccination schedule to give your pet the safest and best protection against viruses and diseases.

Medications & Pharmacy

Our Clinic prides itself on being able to fill most of your pet’s prescriptions in-house by doctors and staff you know and trust. Ranging from acute illnesses to chronic diseases, our pharmacy can provide the medications your pet needs – including a wide range of parasite prevention (flea, ticks, heartworm, and more) and therapeutic medications. Our Clinic takes into consideration the lifestyle of your pet when prescribing medication, so that they are receiving what’s best for them and you.

Other Pet Care Services

Laboratory Diagnostics • Dental Care • Spay & Neutering • Nutrition Counseling • Behavior Counseling • Microchipping • Physical therapy

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