New Pets

Puppy, Kitten and New Pet Visits

Getting a new pet is an exciting time for you and your family. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is on the forefront on your mind and ours. Routine veterinary care, diet and nutrition can go a long way. Webster Veterinary Clinic is here to partner with you in the ongoing care of your pet.

Your First Visit

The first visit to the vet is a big day for you and your new pet. During the first visit, our vets will perform a routine, head-to-tail wellness exam. Depending on your pet’s vaccination history, we may also vaccinate your pet during this exam. Be sure to bring any pertinent information with you to your pet’s exam, including all of your pet’s paperwork, vaccination history, information from their rescue organization or breeder, etc.


Before You Arrive

A little preparation before regular veterinary appointments can go a long way in making your visit more efficient and productive. Preparation can also make a big difference when the unexpected happens.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your pet’s first visit with us:

  • Write down any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Acclimate your pet to a pet carrier and car rides.
  • Note the specific food and treat brands and quantity you want to feed your pet.

Things to consider and speak to your vet about:

  • Should I microchip my pet?
  • What kind of grooming is recommended?
  • Should I consider pet insurance?
  • What is the ideal age to spay/neuter my pet?
  • What types of vaccines are recommended?
  • Where can I find emergency care?

New Pet Form

Download, complete and bring the New Pet form with you to your first visit.

Wellness Schedules and Overview

Request an Appointment

Need to schedule a new pet visit? We can’t wait to meet you and your furry loved one.  Call us at 585-872-6467 or contact us today!