At Webster Veterinary Clinic we are committed to helping you provide a lifetime of a good health for your companion. We believe that preventative care and regularly scheduled examinations and screenings are the key to early detection and treatment for many illnesses and diseases.

To help keep our senior patients at their best, we are offering a 20% discount on important screening tests during the month of November. Bring your senior pet in for a Senior Wellness Screen that includes a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Chemistry Profile, and a Urinalysis and receive a 20% discount off the cost of these tests.


Why Does My Pet Need Senior Wellness Screening?

As pets age, they are more likely to develop illnesses and diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, or heart failure. Often, pets do not exhibit symptoms until the disease is in the later stages of progression and the pet is seriously ill.

By completing semi-annual wellness examinations and senior wellness screens we can help identify these problems in the early stages of the disease, while the pet still appears healthy. Early detection allows for early treatment and that leads to the best prognosis for your pet.


What is Involved in Senior Wellness Screening?

At Webster Veterinary Clinic, we recommend that all cats over 8 years of age, and most dogs over 7-8 years of age (depending on breed) receive Semi-Annual Wellness Exams and Senior Wellness Screens every 6-12 months.

A semi-annual exam will begin with Dr. Sementa or Dr. Lewis asking many questions about your pet’s history, daily routine, and lifestyle. A complete physical examination will be performed so that the doctor can thoroughly assess the health of all body systems and check for any abnormalities. We generally recommend that a stool sample be brought to this exam, and an annual parasite check be run.

A Senior Wellness Screen will be run to help identify early onset of disease or illness. Commonly, this includes a CBC, Blood Chemistry Profile, and a Urinalysis.

  • A Complete Blood Count (CBC) is one of the most common blood tests. This test allows assessment of both red and white blood cells.
  • A Blood Chemistry Profile is a panel of 25 different tests that measure various enzymes, proteins and electrolyte function. This provides an overall assessment of organ function and health.
  • A Urinalysis is a test of a pet’s urine and checks for proper kidney function, underlying infections, or stone formation.

In some cases, the doctor may also recommend a thyroid profile to screen for thyroid disease or a blood pressure check to screen for hypertension.

As always, we are committed to helping you keep your pet on the road to good health. To schedule an appointment, please contact one of our friendly Pet Care Coordinators. 585-872-6467