Preventative Healthcare

Webster Veterinary Clinic is committed to keeping our patients and community healthy through preventative medicine.  We believe in customizing care to patient specific needs and developing close relationships with our clients.

Preventative healthcare is the first step in providing a healthy life for your pet.

Internal Medicine

We are devoted to your pet’s health and well-being through medical treatments and comprehensive personalized pet care.  Our doctors are experienced to treat diseases such as diabetes, Cushings, Addisons, thyroid disease, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure.

Pain Management

Managing pain is not only an act of kindness; it is essential to successful recovery and health.  We take pain seriously and work closely with our patients and clients to manage, control, and alleviate pain.  Individual protocols are established for peri-operative pain control as well long term pain management.


Dental prophylaxis, digital oral radiographs, oral surgery, extractions, and periodontal therapy are performed on site.  We can help to provide a home dental health care plan to keep the teeth healthy between cleanings.


Routine surgeries including ovariohysterectomies (spays), castrations (neuters), growth removals, and abdominal/exploratory surgery are performed in our on-site surgical suite.  Dr. Kathy Collins, our visiting Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, is available to perform more complex surgical cases including orthopedics, right here at Webster Veterinary Clinic.


Our in house laboratory can provide accurate, up to the minute point of care test results.

Our Veterinarians also are able to run complete diagnostic tests utilizing our reference lab.  Most results are available within days of your visit.


On-site radiography is available for diagnostic  purposes when appropriate. Utilizing state of the art Computed Radiography, our Veterinarians can process X-rays within seconds, and make sure you have results before you leave. For more advanced cases, we have the ability to send the images digitally, to be examined and analyzed by a Board Certified Radiologist, with interpretation available within 1-2 hours.

We also utilize digital oral radiography for all dental cases to further examine the extent of periodontal disease.


Most of your pet’s prescriptions can be filled right at Webster Veterinary Clinic by a doctor and staff you know and trust.  Whether for an acute illness, or a chronic disease state, our pharmacy can provide the medications needed for your pet, without the hassle of making a trip to a pharmacy. We carry a wide array of parasite preventatives and therapeutic medications, as well as Veterinary exclusive Prescription Diets

Wound Care

Proper healing is contingent on wound-type, management, microbiologic and other physiological factors. We are devoted to proper wound care and helping our patients have the best possible outcome when they have been injured or are recovering from surgery.

Therapeutic Diets

We offer a wide selection of prescription diets and pet health care products to help support and manage your pet’s health. Many diseases are better managed through proper diet. Our Veterinarians can work closely with you to determine which diet is best for your pet.

We can place your pet on an effective weight loss and feeding program through the use of our Metabolic measurements and diet.


We have relationships with many area specialists and can provide your pet a referral should it be necessary.


We accept appointments and walk-ins for urgent care/emergent issues during regularly open hours. Our staff is trained and our hospital equipped to deal with the most common pet emergencies including, ingestion of a foreign substance or toxin, trauma, non progressing labor, seizures, medical emergencies and surgical emergencies.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Lewis is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and can help create a personalized PT program for your pet to aid in comfort for degenerative joint disease, post-operative conditions, weight loss or to improve mobility/agility. All patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries will be given an individualized physical therapy protocol to aid in healing and return to function.