By Admin February 01, 2017

It’s Time For Some Updates!

With the New Year, exciting new changes are taking place atWebster Veterinary Clinic. We would like to announce, that beginning the week of January 23, we will be undergoing vast remodeling and interior changes to the upper floor of the building. After over 40 years of existence, many facets of the building are long overdue for updating. We will be tackling this project in 3 sections. The first portion will be the back end of the hospital where our laboratory, treatment room and surgical suite reside. The second portion will see changes being made to the front of the hospital including all exam rooms and the client waiting area, bathroom, and reception area. The third portion will include exterior changes, and as such will not commence until the spring arrives. All of the lighting will be converted to LED.  New doors and, eventually new windows will be added all to help increase efficiency and to make Webster Veterinary Clinic a bit more Green!

We have added some “Before” pictures of Webster Veterinary Clinic.

Exam Rooms

After remodeling is complete, we will have added one additional exam room which will allow our staff to see your pets in a more timely fashion.  This additional room will be larger than the existing exam rooms, and will be mainly devoted to families with large dogs. No more squeezing 3 people and your 100 pound pup into those tiny rooms! We will also use this room as a grieving area for families saying goodbye to their beloved pets. Because it will not be adjacent to any other exam rooms, it will allow more privacy than we are currently able to provide.

Reception Area

The changes made to the client waiting area and reception area have been designed to open up the space, allowing for more sitting room. Because we have made the transition to digital records in the last year, we are able to eliminate unneeded space behind the reception desk. The biggest and most exciting change to the reception area, when you walk in the door from the parking lot, you will be face to face with our Pet Care Coordinators. Now you will walk in to be greeted by a smiling face, rather than the back of someone’s head! And we will add a new complimentary beverage center for our pet owners.


The third phase of changes will be to the exterior and mainly focusing around the parking lot. Our space is limited since we are land locked, but we will be increase our capacity some and refinishing the entire surface. New paint, lighting, doors and signage will be added as well. You may have noticed great changes to the landscape that was done this past fall.

All changes being done to Webster Veterinary Clinic are being made with our pets and clients in mind. We strive to bring you a wonderful experience every time you walk in the doors. We are now excited to be able to provide a space that can live up to those expectations.  The interior changes will take place over the course of 5-6 weeks. We do ask for your patience and understanding, and excuse the mess and noise.
WE WILL BE OPEN and continue to see appointments during this time. We will notify you via our Facebook page of any changes to our hours of operation. Please continue to call if you have any questions or concerns about your beloved pet.
It has been a long road to get to this point, but we are excited about what the future holds!
We thank you for you patience.



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